Bauzin Album Release

In 2016 I began the process of locating and restoring all the manuscripts of the compositions for saxophone by French composer Pierre-Philippe Bauzin (1933-2005).  The music of Bauzin is a wonderful segment of the repertoire, with a majority of the works being dedicated to Londeix.  However, because of Bauzin’s preference to improvise the piano accompaniments at each performance most of his opus for saxophone was considered to be lost. 

Today, I am excited to share the results of this research and restoration process: My recording of these compositions, entitled Rediscovering Bauzin, is now available for sale here:

Additionally, the hard copy can be purchased through Amazon, here

Or, streaming everywhere here

My complete dissertation on the saxophone music of Bauzin available for free via this link:

And, the accompanying sheet music to the rediscovered compositions for saxophone by Bauzin are available for purchase here